Space Radiation

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Radiation Physics Research from E.G. Stassinopoulos, NASA Astrophysicist, Emeritus

  • Stassinopoulos, E.G., Xapsos, M.A., Stauffer, C.A.  Forty Year "Drift" and Change of the SAA, NASA/​TM 2015-217547. 
  • ​Stassinopoulos, E.G., Mavromichalaki, H., Sarlanis, C., Souvatzoglou, G., and Tsitomeneas, S. A Study of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Carrying a Radio-Spectrometer Networked to the New Athens Center for Space Weather Forecasting  Proceedings RADECS 2005 Conference,Cap D'Agde, France.  10.1109/RADECS.2005.4365663, September, 2005.
  • Stassinopoulos, E.G., Barth, J, Stauffer, C., Measurement of Cosmic Ray and Trapped Proton LET Spectra on the STS-95 HOST Mission, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, accepted for publication in 2017.
  • Stassinopoulos, E.G.  Space Radiation Incident on SATS Mission NASA/GSFC  X-601-73-384,  November  1983 
  • Stauber, M.C., Rossi, M.L., Stassinopoulos, E.G.:  "An Overview of Medical-Biological Radiation Hazards in Earth Orbits"  AAS    Proceedings  of  the  International  Academy  of Astronautics,  Space  Safety  and  Rescue  1982-1983,  Vol.  58, Science and  Technology, 1984
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., and Verzariu, P. “General Formula for the Decay Lifetimes of STARFISH Electrons”, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 76, No. 7, March 1971
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., and Mead, G. D., “ALLMAG-GDALMG-LINTRA : Computer Programs for Geomagnetic Field-Line Calculations”, NASA/GSFC  NSSDC  72-18, February 1972
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., and King, J. H.  “Empirical Solar Proton Model for Orbiting Spacecraft Applications”, IEEE Trans. on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, AES-10, No. 4, July 1974
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., “SOLPRO: A Computer Code to Calculate Probabilistic Energetic Solar Proton Fluences”, NASA/GSFC  NSSDC  7511,  April 1975
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., Hebert, J. J.  Butler, E. L. and  Barth, J. L. “SOFIP: A Short Orbital Flux Integration Program”, NASA/GSFC  NSSDC 79-01, January 1979
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., “The Geostationary Radiation Environment”, AIAA Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, Vol. 17, No. 2, March-April 1980
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., Goldberg, R. A.   McPeters, R. A. and Barth, J. L.  “Detection of Night-time Atmospheric Scattering of Lunar UV radiances by the NIMBUS-4 BUV Experiment”, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 86, No. C12,, December 1982
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., N. Divine, A Konradi, T. Prnell, A. Chardt,  and J. Stevens, “Engineering Handbook for  STS Payloads, Part IV : Charged Particle Radiation”, NASA/HQ  D-EH-4, September 1982
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., Lanzerotti, L. J.  and Rosenberg, T. J. “Temporal Variations in the Siple Station Conjugate Area”, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 89, No.A7, July 1984
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., and  Raymond, J. P.  “The Space Radiation Environment for Electronics”, Proceedings of IEEE, Vol. 83, No. 8, September 1988
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., and Brucker, G. J. “Shortcomings in Ground Testing, Environment Simulations, and Performance Predictions for Space Applications”, NASA TP-3217, April 1992
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., Stauffer, C. A.  and  Brucker, G. J.“A Systematic Global Mapping of the Radiation Field at Aviation Altitudes”, Journal of Geophysical Research, SPACE WEATHER, Vol. 1, No. 1, October 2003
  • Stassinopoulos, E. G., “The Dynamics of the Atmospheric Radiation Environment at Aviation Altitudes”, NAS Technical Report Series, NTRS 2008-08-02, Document ID: 2004017165, 2004

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